Shipping & Delivery
Your ferrets travels in a climate controlled cabin area for pets. He/she travels in a climate controlled cabin area for pets, in an airline approved carrier. Ahead of time you will have a flight #, arrival time, and a reference # that identifies your puppy. We make all the arrangements for you, and you pick your ferrets up at the airport, just like picking up a person & you will need a reference/airbill number. Shipping is totally safe & stress free on the ferrets. You will receive your pet  within 24 hours after shipping depending on your location. Ferret kits on planes are as safe. We have shipped ferret kits for over a decade now. We always try to ship direct non stop when flying ferret kits and adults. In my experience and opinion, my ferrets are very comfortable and the new owners tell me their new pets has arrived happy and not at all stressed.
We ship our ferrets using airlines because it is the fastest & safest way to transport our ferrets from our place to yours especially if you live far away or in another state. Our ferret kits are shipped in an airline approved plastic pet kennel that we customize depending on the weight of the ferret, the distance or duration of the journey. The ferret always travels with a nanny who is responsible for the ferret kits throughout the delivery process.
Our shipping crates are clearly marked with colorful “LIVE ANIMALS” and “UP” stickers. We mark the crates clearly with the destination airport, the confirmation number, the phone & address of the customer. When we know that a ferrets is going to be shipped, we play with them in the crate prior to shipping so they are used to it. They have never shown fear of the crate. We put lots of food & plenty of water in the shipping crate. The water provide all the moisture the ferret need during delivery. One reason we do this is in case, in the unlikely event the ferret kits should get stuck at an airport overnight (because of connecting flight trouble), we don’t have to worry if they have enough to eat or drink. Although traveling is not that hard on them, we do not like to make them spend any more time than absolutely necessary in transit. For this reason we also look for the shortest route & always schedule direct flights if possible.
We check weather conditions at the receiving end and only ship when we consider it safe to do so. We put our Ferrets’ health above all other considerations and do not ship when we feel it could be dangerous to the ferrets’ well-being. We usually ship Monday – Saturday. We guarantee safe & healthy arrival of your ferret kits. We WILL NOT SHIP if we feel that weather conditions are hazardous for the ferret. Your ferret kits may take few days to adjust once they get to their new homes, sometimes it takes them a day or two to settle in, but by far, the vast majority of people tell us they just step right out of the shipping crate & act right at home.
Nanny shipping:
We can also deliver your new ferret kits DIRECTLY into your arms!! We have reliable Airline Nanny’s that will fly with your kits right to you. This is the safest, most reliable, and the least stressful way for your new ferret to be delivered to you. A ferret kits Nanny takes the ferrets on bored with them and they can give them the attention they need. We want the best possible care for your ferrets!
Health CertifIcate:
These are required for all pets travelling via air. This is to ensure all pets are not sharing anything more than a ride. All airlines require this certificate. YES, it is mandatory.
Please be waiting for your ferrets kits at home or the airport at the given time. Usually the ferret kits is available 1 hour after the flight’s arrival time & a valid ID such as driver’s license is needed for pick up. We really appreciate knowing that the ferrets kits has arrived safely & at home with you, so please call or email us as soon as you get the chance. Don’t forget to take your ferrets kits to your veterinarian for the regular arrival-health-check-up within 48 hours of arrival. A follow-up call is placed 24 hours after you have received your new ferret to ensure everything is perfect, to answer any questions you have & to measure your satisfaction.